Friday, September 30, 2011

Custer State Park

On Friday, we went to Custer State Park and drove the Wildlife Loop.  At first, we didn't see much wildlife, but we ended up seeing pronghorn, bison, and our favorite, the burros!  The burros are super cute & friendly, too!  They aren't aggressive, but they are happy to poke their noses in your vehicle in search of a little affection.
We learned later that it was OK to feed them.
Genna loved riding in the front with Dad while we drove  near the burros.
After the Wildlife Loop, we went on the famous scenic Needles drive.  Wow!  It was spectacular, even more so because of the ever increasing fall colors.  The one lane tunnels are amazing.  Some of them frame Mount Rushmore perfectly!  We stopped just before the narrowest tunnel of all and got out for a little hiking/climbing/exploring on the rocks.  We ended up climbing over the tunnel & descending a steep, rocky passage on the other side, having to walk back through the tunnel to get to the truck.  We all had fun!

The narrow bridge through the needles.

Two of the bridges were designed to frame Mt. Rushmore.

There are two corkscrew wooden bridges.
The 'eye' of the needle

After completion of our hike over the bridge

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Golden Gang said...

Hi There! Glad your trip to South Dakota was wonderful. :)
I noticed on your map that you are in Utah? We are headed to Zion NP on Friday, and on to other parts of Utah from there. Maybe we can meet up!?