Sunday, September 4, 2011


On the way to Idaho Falls, we stopped at EBR-I, the world's first nuclear power plant.  We were all so tired, and the two little kids were fast asleep, so it was oh-so-tempting to just drive right on by.  Nonetheless, it was highly recommended by several people, and we made the stop.  It really was worthwhile!   We learned a lot about atoms, neutrons, protons, electrons, and fission.  I was impressed with how well the displays were worded.  When we walked in, the kids knew absolutely nothing about nuclear power, and when we left, they had a basic understanding of it.  Definitely more than I knew at their ages!      

The kids loved the hands-on exhibits
These four string lights were the first items ever powered by nuclear power (not the same bulbs from 1951, obviously).  The next day, the plant operated exclusively on nuclear power...impressive!
Control Room
Right above the reactor (you can go inside & we did)

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