Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall Festivities

My girls love fall. They love the chill in the air, however small that might be. Seriously, the first day that it was a little cool outside in the morning, they announced that winter was on its way, and they needed to wear gloves, scarves, hats, etc. They also loooooove fall festivities...time at the local pumpkin patch (pictures are sadly lacking due to a kaput camera battery & an inability to locate the charger) to bounce in bounce houses, play amongst the pumpkins and the hay mazes, pumpkin decorating, and costume-making and dressing up. Yeah, I have two rules about costumes: (1) First & foremost, nothing gruesome or scary, and (2) Costumes should be made, not bought, and if possible, be a character from a book. With my crafty girls, this just enhances the enjoyment. Enjoy the pics below:
As you can see, this girl crafts well with nothing on...actually, I request it. Oh the messes she can make, and oh the laundry woes. It's easier to get the mess off her skin than it is to get it off her clothes.
Alyssa's completed pumpkin. I cannot express in words the joy it brought her to create this pumpkin. Seriously, she concentrated hard, and was absolutely a peach to be around upon the completion of this masterpiece! Shanan enjoyed herself, too, especially the opportunity to make use of the glue gun. Although notice, she has clothes on. :) She is naturally a bit tidier than her sister.
Different pumpkins, different personalities. But both girls had an absolute blast exercising their creative genuis.
Meet Pippi Longstocking...times two...or Wendy, as Steve kept calling them and asking them to explain why their burgers are square and not round!

First Job

Okay, this post is way overdue, but I finally stole a few moments (thanks to a baby who was up way too early this morning) to upload pics and get the post out. My girls landed their first job in October. Their first real taste of responsibility! Our next door neighbors have a schnauzer and asked my girls to take care of her while they're out of town. Translation: feed & water twice daily, play with, and take on walks. They've done amazing, really. Honestly, the only issue we've had is getting up early to feed her after staying up too late partying with friends and family. Okay, poop scooping the first day was a challenge for Shanan, no big surprise there. However, I got out the "medical grade" vinyl goves, and then she was fine. :) There have been two occasions that I've had to feed her for them, due to inability to awaken & a playdate, and they're doing extra chores to compensate, because, as you can see, they were paid well! (See those big smiles as they hold their money in their hands!) They've taken the responsibility seriously, and I'm really proud of them! Way to go, Shanan & Alyssa!! In fact, they did so well that they got an opportunity to take care of Molly again, and make a few more bucks!