Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Fun with Friends

When we left Casper, the Ramseys suggested possibly meeting up in South Dakota the first weekend in October.  We weren't sure if it would pan out, but we sure hoped so!  Guess what??  They came!!  Derek, Lana, Erin, & Elise brought their camper out for the weekend & camped right next to us!  Boy, we had fun!  The girls played, and played, and played, and played!

We set up the sleeper sofa for the first time in the RV, and all five girls climbed on it to watch the movie RV while the adults & Jake hung out by the fire.  Fun times!

And this large stump right here....yeah, I got into a tangle with it, and I think it won.  I was carrying Jake at night and totally didn't see it, ran into it, and the rest of the details are rather sketchy.  All I know is that it could have been so much worse; I'm pretty sore, but I'm so glad that Jake didn't get hurt.  Yikes!

Yum, I love dirt

We all went together to Jewel Cave, the second longest cave in the world, a pretty neat cave!
Jewel Cave was covered with this stuff

Mmmm...cave bacon
This is one of most interesting caves we have ever toured.
Five more Junior Rangers
We almost convinced Lana to take Jake home. :)
Jake was playing the role of one of their dolls.
We finished out our visit with fun times at the playground and a trip to the Purple Pie Place, yummy food & pie, of course!  As we were leaving the Purple Pie Place, Genna asked where our friends were going.  I told her they were going back to their house in Casper.  She asked, "Then why do they have an RV?"  Clearly, she doesn't understand why one would have an RV AND a house.  And as they were walking away, she said, "But I REALLY love them!"  Sooo sweet!  Thanks soooo much for coming to hang out with us, guys; we ALL had a marvelous time!

Time for good bye
Good bye photo.  We hope to see the Ramseys next year!

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