Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grand Teton National Park

After hearing several people recommend daytripping to the Tetons from Yellowstone, and with Steve’s project for work looming on the horizon, we decided to spend our last day in Yellowstone in the Tetons.  The mountains are beautiful!!

The girls picked up their Junior Ranger books from the Visitor Center, and we had to work hard to get them completed before the Visitor Center closed at 5:00.  We had a picnic lunch right on Jackson Lake, then drove to Jenny Lake for what Steve told us would be a 4 mile total hike around the lake & up to Inspiration Point & back.  It turns out that hike was actually 2.9 miles each way, for a grand total of 5.8 miles!  We couldn’t dally at all because we had to make it back in time for the girls to finish their Junior Ranger books & get their badges before 5:00.  It was beautiful, both the lake and the view from Inspiration Point.  There were many varieties of wildflowers along the way, as well as thimbleberries and red raspberries!  It was one of those times when I wished we had another hour to kill so we could stop alongside the lake & dip our feet in the water. However, I have to say that we rocked that hiking trail!  The only way we could have hiked any faster was if some wildlife were chasing us!  We made it back in the nick of time to finish up & get Junior Ranger badges to add to the collection.  After a snack alongside Jackson Lake & a chance to dip our feet in the water, we drove back to Bridge Bay for our final night in Yellowstone.   We arrived right at 8PM, which was too late to run our generator to charge the batteries.

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Golden Gang said...

Glad you guys made it to Grand Tetons! It is SOO worth the trip. :) Hope to see you on the road one day! Stay safe!