Saturday, September 24, 2011

Devil's Tower

Derek & Lana gave excellent tips on what to see & do after leaving their place.  We headed to Sundance to stay & daytrip to Devil's Tower, America's first National Monument.  The drive from Casper to Sundance was somewhat monotonous, but we made it without any stops.  Setup was more eventful than we like...we discovered that when we camp with low water pressure like when we're dry camping, sometimes the toilets don't fully "release" after flushing, so when we hook up to water again, the water runs & doesn't stop.  Yep, I was busy making dinner while Steve was setting up, when he yells, "Why is there water pouring out of the RV?"  Both toilets had filled with water and overflowed.  Fortunately, we weren't level, so the master toilet drained right out onto the ground, but the girls' toilet got the edge of the carpet in their room wet.  Steve toweled it up & then proceeded to slide out without remembering to re-shut the bathroom door....yeah, there was a funny sound, and the door had gotten caught in the slide.  Aargghh!  Yep, more damage, but fortunately, Steve was able to fix it enough that the door still closes & there's no slide interference.  And now, we have somebody go check both toilets immediately after hooking up to water, so it shouldn't happen again...

We stayed at Mountain View RV Park.  They had Close Encounters of the Third Kind available to borrow, so the girls got a chance to watch it before we actually went to Devil's Tower.  We hiked around the base of it and spent a lot of time gazing at the climbers going up & coming down it.  The girls added another Junior Ranger badge to their collections, as well.

If you look close you can see climbers scaling the tower

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