Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mountain Mush-More

We left Wall on a cold & blustery Thursday, reminded that Old Man Winter is just around the corner in these parts.  We decided to stay at Big Pine Campground, based on great reviews.  Many campgrounds have already closed for the season around here.  Big Pine is very pretty, with most of the sites far off the road.  They were already preparing to close for the season, so they had already closed off all but one shower, which really wasn't such a big deal since the campground was mostly vacant.  Nonetheless, it did slightly complicate getting everyone showered.  When we checked in, we were told they would be shutting the water off at noon on Sunday, but if we wanted to stay longer we could, just with electric only.  When we decided to stay an additional night, however, we were told they had changed their minds & would be shutting the campground down entirely.

We decided to go to Mount Rushmore (aka Mountain Mush-More per Genna) on our first evening, and I'm glad we did.  We were able to see the next to last lighting ceremony of the season!  All three girls had a chance to get Junior Ranger badges.  I love it when they have something for Genna to do, too!  She feels like such a big girl, furiously coloring her little booklet & answering the Ranger's questions.

We found the visitor center very interesting.
One of the models of what they considered making.
It really is more spectacular at night.
The girls aced all the rangers questions.
Profile of Washington seen from the road after headed home.

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