Monday, September 5, 2011

Idaho Falls

Because we arrived at Craters of the Moon early & were able to stay there instead of Arco, we were able to see all we wanted to with a just a one-nighter.  And so, off to Idaho Falls we traipsed.  We determined that Steve’s first choice for camping was not a good choice after all.  Pretty much a dive.  We ended up at Snake River RV Resort.  Kinda pricey, but we did enjoy our time here.  Great playground, fabulous pool & hot tub (man were the kids bummed they couldn't go in the hot tub!), and great showers!  Jake was able to crawl around in the grass, too.  After having to keep him off the ground at Craters of the Moon, I was happy about him being able to go exploring!

Steve noticed that the Bodies exhibit that has been travelling around was in Idaho Falls at the Museum of Idaho for its last weekend during our time here.  We'd wanted to go when it was in Dallas, but it was pretty pricey, especially for the whole family to go!  It was only $10/person or $30/family here, definitely cheaper than Dallas.  I think we all learned a lot, though it was crazy busy since it was on its last weekend.   The museum had an awesome kids’ room, too!  They all could have stayed & played forever, it seemed!  

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