Friday, September 16, 2011

Thermopolis, Wyoming

Rock sign pointing to source of Thermopolis's fame
 The guy at the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center encouraged Steve to come here, and I’m so glad he did!  Thermopolis is home to the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Spring, and that is what we came here to enjoy.  We enjoyed our 20 minute soak in the free public bathhouse in the state park, and then we went across the street to the Star Plunge for the rest of the day.  It was indeed expensive! With that being said, it was worth it!  We all had a lot of fun. If you’re over 100 pounds, I’d ride the Blue Thunder Run with caution though.  The girls had a blast, but I whacked my head pretty hard on my second run, and Steve only rode once. It is fast, steamy, and vaults you into complete darkness for the final stretch of the slide.

The state bath house which is free and fulfills a treaty with the Indians made in the 1800's
The outdoor pool of the state bathhouse
Indoor pool at the Star Plunge

We also ate dinner at the original A&W. You placed your order using the telephone at your table.  Shanan ordered a footlong chili dog and ate the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure she burned it all off running up the steps to ride the Blue Thunder over & over again!

This place was unique for sure; we like unique!
We used our Passport America discount & stayed at Eagle RV Park here.  There was a small playground which delighted Genna, who is still soooo in love with playgrounds. I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid who adores playgrounds as much as she does.  She was also in love with the potty seat that was provided in the bathhouse.  Nice, clean bathrooms although the water pressure in the showers was pretty much nonexistent.  Since there were full hook-ups, you’d be better off showering in your rig.  

Swinging bridge over the river in Hot Springs state park

River bank looks like a cave with all the mineral deposits

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