Monday, September 19, 2011

Wind River Canyon

After leaving Thermopolis, we spent two nights here in Boysen State Park in the Upper Wind River Canyon Section.  The river & canyon are beautiful, but you’d better not be planning on catching up on work or calling to wish your mother happy birthday. (I promise Steve will call as soon as we have a signal again!)  No signal,whatsoever!  No hookups, either, so we are dry camping again, but there are no generator restrictions, so it’s no big deal.  There are pit toilets, but no showers.  It is super peaceful here, with two exceptions, the noise from the road traffic, and the train.  Even though this area only gets about 4 inches of precipitation a year, we have gotten rain twice in the last week!  In short, we’re just taking it easy, catching up on school, naps, reading, etc. 

We got quite a mixed bag of weather...super windy, cold, & rainy, followed by sunshine & very pleasant temps, followed by more strong wind, and finally a pleasant peaceful evening that allowed us to have the perfect campfire, complete with roasted marshmallows for those that covet such things. ;)  The lack  of campfires has been a sore spot for at least one of the girls, so it was nice to finally scratch that itch.

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