Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Exploring the mountains near our new home

Remember the idea of "embrace where you are"?  Well, we never would have imagined we'd end up in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We have no family or friends that live here or anywhere close to here, so it wasn't in our top five or even ten of places we hoped we might land.  Nonetheless, this is where we've landed, and we're embracing it!  It is beautiful here, so we're getting out and exploring the area!

The Fall colors hit the nearby mountains several weeks before the valley where we live.
Cecret Lake

Right after moving to our house in Sandy, the fall colors in the mountains hit their peak, and we really enjoyed them.  Knowing that winter would be coming soon enough, I took the kids hiking to Cecret Lake, definitely a do-able hike, with a sweet reward at the end---a beautiful lake.  We also hiked to Donut Falls, a less spectacular hike in terms of reward at the end, but the fall colors on the trees made it especially nice.  We also hiked Catherine Pass as a family on the weekend. There's something about that crisp, cool mountain air, and the brilliant blue skies and bright sunshine is simply amazing!!

Enjoying the sunshine
Jake enjoying himself right before he tripped and face planted.
Hike to Catherine Pass
Taking a break along the trail
The view from the top of the pass.