Sunday, January 18, 2015

Eagle's Landing RV Park in Holt, Florida

Eagle's Landing RV Park in Holt was "home" for 5 months!  We had a "sweet spot," just across from the clubhouse, the bathrooms, & the laundry.  This is a very clean, tidy park with reasonably sized sites and very nice owners who take great care of their campground. Electricity is included, definitely a bonus on super sunny, steamy summer days. Although there are no amenities to speak of, there is an area to walk your dog or run your kids. ;) It is conveniently located right off of I-10, but is not excessively noisy in that respect. Because of its location, it was any easy commute to Milton for Steve and easy to get to Crestview for groceries & datenight. The clubhouse (after having no use of a clubhouse at our previous campground) was perfect for our older girls to do their individual schoolwork everyday. And, there was an unending supply of puzzles there, as well!

Reasonably priced laundry is another great thing about this park! With just $1 to wash and $1 to dry, I didn't feel the need to haul our clothes to the laundromat the whole time we stayed here. Loved that! During high Snowbird season, however, you have to time your laundry carefully as there are only 3 washers & 3 dryers, so it seems the laundry room is always hopping!

Part of the half mile walk around the RV Park, our favorite form of exercise/entertainment

The biggest downside of this RV park, for us, would have to be that it is a campground geared primarily for Snowbirds. I think we were the campground entertainment. And, because the other people there were older than us, I felt a lot of pressure to keep the kids from being too noisy & unruly. To be fair, everyone was very nice, and we received a lot of compliments on our kids, from multiple people. (I did wonder if the ones who said they never heard our kids actually needed their ears checked...And, on various occasions, people sought us ought to offer things to us because they knew we were "the" family with kids in the whole campground.  Still, when it was time to move on from here, it was nice to move to a campground with a big yard & plenty of wide open space for the kids to just be kids!

One lesson learned:  If you take funny selfie's they might end up on the blog :)

We are so happy to live at Eagle's Landing, taken October 10, 2014
Let's look into the sun, and try to take a serious selfie

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Meeting the Biles family

Since our traveling days as a fulltime family, we always try to meet up with other fulltime families that happen to be passing through.  We found out the Biles would be passing through & staying the night at Eagles Landing, so we planned to meet up!

The visit was short but sweet!  With just one evening together, we hung out & swapped a few stories while our littles got down to the serious business of playing with their kids. Fun times were had, memories were made, and we hope to cross paths again one day! We're so glad you chose to meet up with us, Biles Family!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jake's 4th Birthday

Jake got his own chocolate malt, fulfilling his request for "a drinking birthday" :)
Five years ago today, we found out that the baby we'd prayed for & already had hopes & dreams for was not going to be ours to have & hold this side of heaven.  It wasn't the first time this had happened, but it's always hard to surrender hopes & dreams & plans.  We know Romans 8:28 to be true, and we trusted that God was working all things together for good.

Everyone really enjoyed the Gator Cafe
Four years ago today, we welcomed a bouncing baby boy into our family.  A lot can change in just one year!  It was a bit of a challenge wrapping my mind around the idea that we couldn't have had both babies--the one we never had the chance to meet and the one now in my arms.  We didn't exactly plan for him, but in his goodness, God gave us an incredible gift in Jake.  He was, in many ways, my easiest, least queasy pregnancy. Before our ultrasound, Shanan & Alyssa both dreamed they were getting a baby brother! In so many ways, he has been a surprise, from the moment I realized I was pregnant, to discovering we were in fact going to have a boy, to getting to experience what it's like to raise a boy after three girls! God knew it would take a very special boy to grow up with so many sisters. ;)  He is incredibly hilarious, incredibly charming, incredibly stubborn, and he's going to an amazing young man one day! He makes me laugh daily, and he also contributes to the growing number of gray hairs on my head!  I'm so glad you're part of our family, Jake! We love you to the moon and back again!

Jake was so excited to open his big present
The Build-a-ma-jig that we got for Jake was a big hit