Thursday, September 22, 2011

Casper, Wyoming

We had the opportunity to go visit friends in Casper, Wyoming, and we are so, so glad we did!  We arrived on Sunday, September 11th, and left on Thursday, the 22nd.  Although Derek & Lana didn't have room in their own driveway, a neighbor of theirs has an empty lot that he graciously allowed us to park on!  Although we did visit Fort Caspar and another Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (covered by our annual National Park Pass), both worthy of visiting, the real highlight of our stay here was time spent with friends.  Our girls and their girls hit it off immediately, and Jake charmed everyone with his big, flirty smiles.  In between school, work, and sleep, there was much playing with toys & enjoying the space of a big house again, as well as eating yummy food and catching up on the goings-on in life. Thanks to Lana, we even managed to squeeze in a quick lunch date without the three girls.  We couldn't have felt more welcome, Derek, Lana, Erin & Elise!  Thanks a million for sharing your space & your lives with us!

Great shot of Derek and Lana
After dinner puppet show
Jake loved Lana's glasses.
We saw this pronghorn at the Trail Center. It let us get pretty close before it hopped away.
We all had a great time eating out at Sanford's.  
Jake did great the whole time eating out, which was a first. 
Derek took a break from work to meet us for breakfast at Sherrie's.

Genna was very fond of Lana
Sherrie's was featured on the Food network for its breakfast.  Thanks for suggesting it, Derek!  Super yum!

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