Friday, September 2, 2011

Three Island Crossing State Park

We only stayed here one night, but what a sweet night it was!  Absolutely beautiful…perfect grass, perfectly peaceful, and beautiful weather, too!  Bathhouse was fine...the shower I had was fabulous…hot water that never runs out with good water pressure is like a little slice of heaven on earth! J

Onsite, they had an Oregon Trail Education Center that we visited.  This was not as extensive as the Interpretive Center in Baker City, OR, but it was still worth a stop.  The only bummer was that when we arrived, we realized we had a hole in one of our tires; you  could actually hear the air escaping!  Fortunately, Steve was able to get it patched in town & have rims exchanged for a whole $14, & now it is our spare.
Check out the realistic baby in this display
Our RV if we lived 150 years ago

The girls had a fun time building a house out of Styrofoam & decorating it.  They didn’t want to toss it the next morning, but they had a great attitude about doing it anyway. 

We totally loved our time here & would not hesitate to stay here again!      

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Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

That rustic RV in the photos would have been a whole other kind of experience! Looks like a neat stop!