Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Love the skiing in Utah

Written by Alyssa Zavocki (age 11)

Dad invited me to go skiing with him one last time in Utah.  I felt a little sad about it, just because I knew it would be my last time skiing for a long time since we knew we were moving to Florida soon. Last I checked, there's no skiing in Florida. ;)  Dad & I rarely do anything together, just the two of us.  Going skiing, just me & Dad, makes me feel pretty special.    

I love seeing the houses along the drive up to the mountain with three feet of white, puffy snow piled on top! It almost looks like clouds blanketing the houses. The mountain glistens with yesterday's snow fall.

We pulled into the icy parking lot at Brighton ski resort. This is the same place where dad first taught me to to ski last year. I remember the first time I went skiing with dad and Shanan. I thought the bunny slope looked really steep, but now the bunny slope doesn't even look like a slope! The past few times I've also been willing to do a few jumps.

I love how the snow sits on the pine trees
The night before we went skiing they had 1-2 feet of powder snow, so we had great skiing conditions!
It felt like skiing on clouds! Dad and I tried going through some drifts off to the side of the trail. Unfortunately, we got stuck in the snowdrift!! When we finally got out I had lost my ski, unbeknownst to me!! I somehow managed to ski a bit down the mountain on one ski without even realizing it!!! I might not have noticed even then if the man next to me hadn't pointed it out!! Dad had to take off his skis and hike up the mountain in ski boots (a very difficult task!) to find my ski!!!

Dad hasn't fallen at all in the two winters that we have been skiing in Utah! He broke that record on our last time skiing, though. He was being a little ambitious and strayed from the path to go around a tree and he turned too quickly, and before he knew it, he was lying on the ground!!!

Proof that Dad does fall sometimes :)
I am happy that dad and I were able to go skiing one last time before leaving Utah!!!  I'm really glad Dad taught me how to ski. Just like Dad, I enjoy the sense of danger involved and the thrill factor.

Me at the very top
I am going to miss skiing when we are in Florida next winter