Thursday, September 25, 2008

Body Talk

Quotes of things being said around my house these days...

  • "Sometimes it looks like you have splinters all over your body," commented Alyssa, in regard to my spiky legs.

  • "I'd looooove to have thighs like that when I grow up!" insisted Shanan, speaking of Genna's thighs.

  • "I just love your belly!" I totally can't believe Shanan actually said this & genuinely meant it. She does indeed love all things soft & squishy, and I'm grateful that someone loves it. ;)

  • "What would your belly look like if you had ten babies growing in it, all at the same time??" I don't even remember who asked, but the visual in my head isn't pretty!!

  • "Sometimes, people might think I'm 'fashion' 'cause when I stretch, sometimes I stick my booty out." I'm sure you know who said this. I asked if sticking one's booty out makes them fashionable, and the answer was, "No, but I noticed that people who are 'fashion' sometimes stick their booty out a lot." Okay, interesting observations from a five-year-old. She's a people watcher, she definitely notices what is going on around her, and she files it away and it pops out of her mouth later. Be very aware of what you say & do in her presence...I will hear about it later. ;)

  • "The part about my body that I don't like is my heels." Another Alyssa comment. First of all, what's not to like?? Secondly, heels, seriously, if this is where the dislikes begin & end, she is one lucky girl!! :) Apparently, she doesn't like the fact that her heels push down the heels of her shoes when she puts them on and leaves a crease in the heel. A problem that could be solved by loosening her shoelaces more, I might add. But then, according to Alyssa, that might count as being "too careful." ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And Life Came to a Screeching Halt...

At least that's what it looks like based on the lack of recent posts on my blog. ;) Au fact, it's been busy. With what, you may ask?? Good question...a whole lot of nothing it feels like to me when I look around at days' end at the house I claim as my domain. However, if I think, I can come up with a few items that might be of interest. ;)

  • Rolling Around -- On Sunday, Genna rolled over from her back to her tummy. And when I placed her on her back again, she did it again. And she's already rolled a few times from tummy to back. With this new accomplishment, there has been much, much disruption to sleeping & eating habits, which equals disruption to my life. She's been fussy this last week!! And she's studying yours truly with increased attention again. Last night, she gazed at me so intently from her father's lap that I would have felt incredibly uncomfortable if she were anybody but my very own baby...and even so, it was a bit unnerving! Steve put his hand in her line of vision, and she kept fidgeting & started fussing while she attempted to find me again.

  • School -- Off to a late start this year due to this thing I call life, which I have discovered is only predictable in its unpredictability. We officially started full-force this last week (although we had been doing bits here & there before that), so now we're officially on week two. that short amount of time, I've already had to "revamp" the system once. Figuring out what works is a work in progress. And honestly, the most challenging part of homeschooling, and yet the best part about homeschooling, is character development (that would be both my kids & my own). There's nothing like being purposeful about teaching your own kids to highlight their weakness as well as your own. Ouch!!!

So there you have it. I really must be going so that I can run my day instead of having my day run me. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's Your Reason For Eating Marshmallows???

This morning (note, morning), Alyssa asked me if she could eat a marshmallow "before they get worn out." Didn't know that could happen to marshmallows! Now...what's your reason??

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

"Is this the day when lots of babies are born?" asked Shanan.