The Crew

Steve - The fearless leader on this journey.  He handles all the research, driving, maintenance, and dumping tanks. He also helps out with the kids' education, and has even been known to wash dishes. :)  He also handles all the photos and formatting for the blog.

Linda - The chief cook, cleaner, diaper changer, and writer of the blog.

Shanan - Shanan is ten years old and is chief assistant in the kitchen.  She loves to read and often can answer questions about where we are going or what we are going to do because she reads all the little booklets and pamphlets left out on places we're going.  She also loves to write--postcards & letters to friends, her journal, and occasionally stories.  She has also learned to crochet, and has made some lovely hats and scarves with the Knifty Knitters she got from her grandmother.

Alyssa - Alyssa is eight years old, our curious, inquisitive, adventurous girl.  She adores scoping out hiking trails with her daddy, climbing trees, playing in the dirt, climbing rocks, and exploring.  She also enjoys helping in the kitchen and has a special fondness for her little brother.

Genna - Genna is our chief whiner; she is three, after all! :)  She is quite the little conversationalist, with a big vocabulary for such a little body.  She is not so adventurous, but she has an unparalleled passion for playgrounds and can almost smell them before she sees them. She began this adventure with her imaginary friend, Yaga, but she seems to have lost her along the way.  Since leaving on this adventure, she has developed a serious interest and desire in helping in the kitchen.  She is also learning to be a good hiker, learning being the operative word here. :)

Jake - The little man of the group.  Since leaving on this journey, he has learned to sit up, crawl, stand, and even take a few steps.  He is known for huge, flirty smiles, and some seriously intense screeching.   He looooves his mama! :)  He loves to play with potatoes (who needs toys??!?) and Barbies (but shhh, don't tell his daddy!).