Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cody, Wyoming

We packed up & left Yellowstone & headed for Cody.  What a beautiful drive!  It took some time to figure out where we’d stay as we had been “unplugged” for most of the last week.  Although we had been strongly encouraged by our Yellowstone neighbors to stay at the Walmart in Cody, we were looking for a place with full hook-ups after 5 days straight of dry camping.  We ended up at Absaroka Bay RV Park.  The owner was super nice; he even let the girls each pick a carrot from his garden.  Admittedly, the RVs were packed in like sardines, but our neighbors were nice, and it was a good stay.  Great showers, nothing to look at, but plenty of hot water & great water pressure.  After no showers in Yellowstone, we were all delighted with them!  They also had reasonably priced laundry on-site. 

Good times at the Cody city park
We visited the Buffalo Bill Dam & learned a lot!  It was the tallest dam in the world when it was completed in 1910.  I’d definitely recommend this free stop if you’re passing through.  The man working there was full of useful information on things to see and do in Wyoming.
Taken from the Dam looking out over the lake
Taken from 180 degrees from the above photo, overlooking the gorge
Looking straight down, this was the tallest dam in the world when it was built
We also stopped at the free little Old West Miniature Village & Museum.  Lots of interesting stuff there. Even Genna was delighted with the miniature village, especially the trains!

We spent the next two days at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  Wow…huge museum! Pretty pricey, we paid $56 for all of us, but your admission is good for two consecutive days. You can come & go, which is especially nice with little ones.  Soooo much stuff to look at & learn about!   Buffalo Bill was a pretty interesting guy; at one point he was the most famous person in America.   The museum has five sections:  a firearms museum, an art gallery featuring Western art, a museum of the Plains Indians, an science museum of Yellowstone, and a museum of the life of Buffalo Bill.   We enjoyed all of them.
Romanticized Painting of the Oregon Trail
Entrance to the huge gun museum
Nice that they had a section geared to kids

Gun fight outside the Irma Hotel
Gunshow was fun, and free

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