Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spearfish, South Dakota

After leaving Sundance, Wyoming, we headed to South Dakota. Based on good reviews and Steve's need for wifi, we stayed at Chris' Camp in Spearfish for three nights.  Turns out the wifi was virtually nonexistent, and much of the lure of the campground had passed with the passing of Labor Day.  The pools were closed and the petting farm was over, as well.  Even though the campground was huge, and there weren't that many people camping, they seemed to cluster us all together instead of giving everyone lots of space.  There were pay showers, as well, which seemed a bit tacky.  They did have movies available to borrow, which we took advantage of.

We did really enjoy our time in Spearfish.  We drove through Spearfish Canyon, definitely a picturesque drive, especially with the advent of fall colors.  We also visited the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery, which was free and really cool!  Feeding the huge trout was a big highlight, for sure.  Next door to the fish hatchery was a big wooden playground that our kids had a blast at, as well.  Steve took the opportunity to go biking on the trails, too.

Lastly, I finally convinced Steve that we needed to try out the shower again since we had our shower fiasco in Twin Falls nearly a month ago.  And the verdict is...apparently something is still not right because it leaked again.  Bummer....

We took a drive through Spearfish Canyon
The water was COLD, but we all dipped our feet in.
Roughlock Falls
Spearfish Canyon is gorgeous especially on a warm fall day
This part of South Dakota is amazing
Picturesque scenery
Bridal Veil Falls
These trout looked delicious 
Just love how we can set him down in the soft grass
Fun times at the fish hatchery
Goofy girl.  The sunbonnet makes her very happy while riding in the truck!
The boy is growing like a weed

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