Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Badlands National Park

Steve decided to make Wall, South Dakota our home base for exploring Badlands National Park.  We stayed at Arrow Campground within walking distance of Wall Drug.  This campground was nothing to look at, but the owner was super nice & helpful, the showers were good, and the wifi was fast and reliable.  They had a simple playground--a slide, swings, a "spinny-thing" and a double see-saw, but you would have thought it was the absolute best playground in the world!  Our kids had sooo much fun at this playground and said it was even more cool than the nice big wooden playground they played on in Spearfish.

While we were driving to Wall, I commented that I hadn't seen that many signs for it since Steve had assured me that we would see sooo many signs.  Steve bet that we would see at least 42 signs while we were still 42 miles away; we saw nearly 60 in those last 42 miles!  We didn't spend much time at Wall Drug, just enough to take some pictures & for Genna to break an ornament in a giftshop.  Oops, that's the first time I've ever had that happen, and thankfully it only set us back about $6.

The Badlands were beautiful, especially close to sunset when the change in lighting made the view more spectacular!  The most fun trail we went on was probably the Notch trail, with a cool, wooden ladder.  Thanks to a nice couple who pointed it out to us, the kids also had a fun time looking for fossils.


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