Monday, October 17, 2011

Antelope Island

We left Utah Lake State Park with water in our tanks, bound for boondocking on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.  It's 14 miles off of I-15, and even though there are plenty of stores & restaurants off the interstate, you shouldn't plan to head out for dinner or shopping in the evening since they close the gates early!

There is a causeway where you can drive to the island.
Even though this is a state park, they have a junior ranger program that all three girls participated in.
This buffalo was immediately outside the visitor center 
The view from our site

We had an absolutely awesome time here!  It is soooo phenomenally peaceful.  The campsites are spacious and super well manicured, with plenty of space between sites (looove that about state parks!), and there weren't that many people camping there!  We stayed for two nights, just enjoying the tranquil, serene surroundings.  (Our cell phones didn't work away from the visitor center.)  There were plans to take a swim in the Great Salt Lake, but it was just a bit chilly for that.  Shanan, Alyssa, and I all waded in it though, despite the fact that Shanan was super grossed out by all the brine shrimp.  And she said if it was warm enough, she would have swam it; go figure!  Anyway, the salinity for the area we were in was only about 4%, compared to other areas that are as much as 25%, but it was still enough to leave white spots on your skin as the water dried  We also took a hike up on Buffalo Point and had so much fun exploring and enjoying the incredible view.  We would definitely jump at the opportunity to come hang out here again!

The view from Buffalo Point looking over Bridger Bay where our campsite is.

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