Friday, October 7, 2011

Alliance, Nebraska

Originally, we were only planning to stay one night here in Alliance.  We were going to take off early on Thursday, visit Carhenge, then come back, hitch up & head to Chimney Rock.  However, I was miserable; I woke up on Tuesday with a stiff neck, and Wednesday, it was so bad that I was mostly intolerable to be around, both for myself & others.  I've never had one that bad before.  I'm pretty sure it all started with that spectacular collision with the large stump on Saturday night, followed by ten miles of hiking toting a cute little bouncing boy.  Anyway, I was in so much pain that Steve consented, even insisted, that we find a chiropractor for me to go to.  Not only that, but he ended up needing to work more, which is impossible to do when we're on the road all day, AND the kids were in love with the indoor pool where we were staying for full hook-ups for just $15 + tax/night.  Pretty unbeatable price!  The lady named Dixie who works here also works for the Chamber of Commerce & did a fabulous job of convincing Steve that there are plenty of neat things to do here.  She also kept the pool open late just for us because there was a church group doing baptisms in the pool when we first arrived.  Soooo, we ended up spending another night at the Sunset Motel & RV Park & exploring the place.

We did indeed visit Carhenge, though it's astounding we didn't get blown away in the wind.  There were tons of grasshoppers, and the wind was blowing so insanely that it was blowing the grasshoppers against us.  To say that freaked Genna out would be a severe understatement; she fell apart!

The big kids were intrigued by this old Country Squire station wagon, just like the one we had as our family car when I was a kid, minus the big wheels & the frame for the canvas, of course (though Shanan did ask if ours had wheels like this one, lol!)

20th Century Prairie Schooner
We stumbled upon the Knight Museum & Sandhills Center, an awesome little free museum!  There were sprinkles of rain, so this was the perfect place to come hang out.  The staff was super nice, the museum was interesting & well-done, and there were no other visitors.

Doesn't everyone want to kiss a buffalo
Very cool old telephone switchboard
After leaving the museum, we headed to Dobby's Frontier Town, also free.  We got a great tour, and the kids learned a lot.  I ended up back at the truck with the little ones because they were done & needed a chance to play, or rather, pull everything out they possibly could.

An old jail was one of the many things to see at Dobby's. 
This is an old dentist chair with a foot crank for the drill

This little stop in Alliance turned out to be more than just a place to sleep.  We enjoyed our time here! Oh, minus the master toilet overflowing again....we used the pressure regulator here since the water pressure was high, same as the time in Sundance, when they overflowed last.  This time the toilet filled & overflowed after Steve flushed it though, not upon hookup.  It seems that the pressure regulator keeps the pressure low enough that the toilets don't fully release after flushing.  Yeah, the pressure regulator doesn't seem to be all it's cracked up to be.  Any thoughts on that from other fellow RVers???

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