Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kennecott Copper's Bingham Canyon Mine

We made the drive out to visit the world's largest excavation and open-pit copper mine, Kennecott Copper's Bingham Canyon Mine.   It took a solid hour to drive there from Provo, but it was pretty cool to learn about!  At the visitor's center, they have an informative video that helped explain what they do, what copper is used for, what is so special about this mine, and why Kennecott Copper is sooo good at what they do. ;)  It was half information, half tooting their own horn about how environmental they are.

The giant trucks carry the ore to where it is refined
The road winds down in a spiral to the bottom
This mine can be seen from space
This is one of the tires of the giant dump trucks.   These cost $25K and have to be replaced yearly.
We did have to rush a bit here because we were going to go to Capital Church in Salt Lake, having been recommended by a friend.   I think it was the only church we saw the whole time that actually had a cross on the steeple.  It was a great message on community and the value on being a friend by using the movie Toy Story 2.

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