Saturday, October 8, 2011

And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down...

Steve really needed to work to knock out this project he's been working on the last few weeks, and the weather was awful, so we just stayed put another night here in Gering.  He worked, and worked, and worked, and the kids & I just unwound a bit from all of our sight-seeing.  It rained all day long & was cold, so it was one of those days where I'm really glad we have a large RV as far as RVs go, especially since Steve was working.

Apparently we needed the downtime; Jake took a huge nap, and the girls played & knitted & played & knitted & there was only the most minor of bickering.  Did I mention we were in the RV all day?  Yep, it was good to unwind.  One child who shall remain nameless smiled more today than I've seen in days. Yayyy!

He did this himself and was quite happy with it
Yes, that is a pink paci in his mouth and he is saving his green one for later
Dad wishes he didn't have the cheese filled grin, but everyone else looks good
Distracting Dad from his work

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