Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting out of Dodge

Okay, so we weren't exactly getting out of Dodge, but we were definitely trying to get out of Nebraska & Wyoming in search of better weather!  We left a very soggy Robideaux RV park Sunday morning, narrowly escaping disaster as the roads through the campground were narrow, & the ground was supersaturated from over 24 hours of rain.  One large RV on soggy ground means sinking will occur; at one point there was less than two inches clearance between the road & one of our rear stabilizing jacks, and the RV was tilted, of course, but we made it!  Hooray!

Despite very gray skies and periodic rain, we stopped at Fort Laramie to tour & do a Junior Ranger program.  Thank goodness the skies cleared & the temperature warmed while we were here! This is definitely worth a stop.  There were lots of buildings to tour, & unlike Fort Caspar, you could actually enter most of the buildings.
The brig
Solitary confinement
Original Barracks
Barracks redone
Another day, another badge
After Fort Laramie, we decided to drive further because we needed to get out of Wyoming before the wind that can flips RVs started up.  In Wyoming you have to be careful because you drive for miles & hours with no place to stay.  We decided to drive another 200 miles to Rawlins, seeing a decent amount of snow along the way, and we made it by around 8:30.  Apparently water is a premium in these parts as our stay at Western Hills Campground would have cost $7 more with water!  We had a little water in our tanks, so we made do without.  The site was wide & level, but really this campground is just one large gravel parking lot.

We were happy to leave Rawlins as we could hear the wind just beginning!  And we were grateful we had driven halfway across Wyoming already!  We made good time minus our stop for fuel for the truck & food for us in Rock Springs.  Oh my, what a crowded, cramped, bustling place.  I think Steve almost lost his sanity here trying to maneuver around for all the necessary things, but fortunately we left unscathed & the rest of our journey to Utah was uneventful, except the snow we saw en route!

Snow!?!  Time to head to lower altitude.

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