Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hill Aerospace Museum

We stopped at Hill Aerospace Museum on our way from Antelope Island to Brigham City.  This is a free museum that you can easily spend hours at if you have any interest in airplanes, helicopters, and the US Air Force.  I'll admit that this is not normally my area of interest, but even I enjoyed my time here and learned a thing or two!  Steve, of course, was super interested, as you can see from all the pictures (and of course, over half of the pics didn't even make the blog). :)  

In addition to various exhibits, they have a Center for Education that has toys for the little kids to play with, dress up costumes, activities for older kids and several flight simulators.  

Despite the fact that the reasonably large parking lot was mostly empty when we arrived, the parking lot was full, and we were nearly boxed in by other cars when we left!

Replica of Wright Brothers plane
We ran out of time and didn't really look at the planes outside
Most of these planes were the real deal, and were in active duty

This was just like the "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" that were used in Japan to end the war.
An old Air Force One
Under 4 hrs from LA to London, that is unreal
SR-71 Blackbird - The fastest manned plane ever

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Joshua Green said...

Your first photo reminded me of a piece of news that came up late July 2011. A replica of the Wright brothers' 1910 plane also crashed in Ohio. Unfortunately, it killed two people. Until now, the cause of the crash is unknown.