Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wind Cave National Park

We left Custer today & drove with the RV to Wind Cave.  It is a dry cave, very different from other caves we've ever visited.  If you want  to see boxwork, this is the cave to visit, since 95% of it is found in this cave.  All three girls were able to get Junior Ranger badges, as well, to add to their collection on their bunk curtains.
This is the only known natural opening; people actually entered the cave here.
Wind Cave is totally different than Jewel Cave.
It is a dry cave (mostly).
It was 53 degrees down below, compared to 49 for Jewel Cave.
There were several large rooms.
Box work, what this cave is known for.
After leaving Wind Cave, we drove to Chadron, Nebraska to go to Walmart.  We discovered that while South Dakota is a beautiful place to visit, all food is taxed, so the last time we bought groceries in SD, we paid nearly $10 in tax!  When you check out at Walmart in Chadron, they ask you if you want dry ice because people come a long way to shop there.  Besides needing groceries, we were desperate for formula; Jake has essentially weaned himself since he started teething & will only nurse at night, even if he's desperate, & they didn't even carry the formula that sits well in his tummy in Custer, & we were completely out!  He fussed the last 20 minutes of the drive, and Steve went in first to get milk for him, so he could have some before we went shopping.  Good choice...he was so grateful!

Nebraska gets some pretty intense wind, we discovered!  It was blowing  when we arrived in Chadron, and continued to blow through the rest of the drive to Alliance, our stay for the night.  We stayed at Sunset Motel & RV Park., nothing special to look at, but because it is also a motel, has an indoor pool!  Awesome!!!

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