Saturday, October 15, 2011


We left Jordanelle State Park because our site was reserved for the weekend.  The journey to Utah Lake State Park started out beautiful as we drove through Provo Canyon & stopped at Bridal Veil Falls.

Provo canyon was beautiful
Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.   This is "Bridal Veil Falls" #2 that we saw, first was in South Dakota.  #3 is in Yosemite.
This bush looked like it had peacock feathers
Unfortunately, despite being advised to avoid I-15 due to construction, we still somehow ended up on it.  The construction was every bit as bad as we were told; the lanes were frighteningly narrow, and we were sandwiched in, with cars and large trucks whizzing past.  Of course our GPS had no clue that our exit was closed due to construction, and if felt like we drove around in circles endlessly before finally finding our way to Utah Lake!  It seriously took Steve about the same amount of time to bike from Utah Lake State Park to Provo Canyon as it took us to drive the same route with the RV.

Utah Lake is nowhere near as beautiful and picturesque as Jordanelle, but it was still a reasonable place to stay, close in proximity to any store you could ever need or want.  It was packed for the weekend, but we were out busy running errands, biking (Steve),sightseeing (the Kennecott Copper Mine) and going to church, so we weren't actually there much. This park does actually have a 10:00 curfew, which is the first time we have had one since leaving Texas, and also the first time where having a curfew could actually be troublesome.  We went to Saturday night church at Capital Church in Salt Lake, and it was a haul to drive back, grab some dinner (In'N Out), grab a gallon of milk at the store, and be back before the gates closed!

These photos are from Steve's bike ride on Saturday morning.  The trail began at Utah Lake and continues through Provo to Provo Canyon to Vivian park.  It is 15 miles each way.   It was a beautiful 60 degree Fall morning.

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