Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lana's 40th Birthday Party

Now what are the chances of getting to see friends twice in the last six months that we hadn't seen in over five years previously??  Our friends from Casper, Wyoming were actually visiting friends in Dallas while we were in town!  How fun is that??!?  We were able to see the Ramsey's again as well as even more friends at Lana's 40th birthday party.  It was great to see the Smothermans again as well as Sheila Covington Wagnon and her two little guys.  A huge thanks to Ruwan and Eleanor for hosting; it is always a treat to spend time with them!

There was a massive amount of super delectable mexican food for grazing on, as well.  In fact, there were so many leftovers that we actually got stocked with meals for the next several days!  As the sole cook in the family with a significantly reduced eating-out budget, I certainly appreciated the break!

Poor Luke was severely outnumbered
There was tons of food since there were several last minutes no-shows
Good times!
Happy Big 4-0 to Lana
There was a lot of romping in the guest bedroom
The offspring, except for camera-shy Elise
Genna giving Elise a goodbye hug.   Genna followed Elise around most of the night whether she wanted her to or not :)

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