Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Oklahoma State Capitol

After leaving the OKC Bombing Memorial, Steve decided to go check out the State Capitol.  This is only our second state capitol visit (Austin, Texas was our first).  We missed the free guided tours, but that's really okay as sometimes those are a bit tricky with two little ones in tow.  We wandered about on our own instead, which worked just great.  We were impressed with all the magnificent artwork in this Capitol!  There were paintings all over, as well as a small art gallery on one of the levels.  We definitely enjoyed browsing all of the art!

Unlike the similar photo from the Texas capitol, you're not allowed to stand directly under the dome in the Oklahoma capitol.
The legislature was actually in session, and we were urged to go sit in, in spite of our small kiddos!  In fact, one of the Senators (no idea who as we are not from Oklahoma) saw me & the kids out in the hallway and asked if I knew what they were working on.  I replied, "No," and she admonished me to "Go through those doors and find out what we're working on!"  And so...we did!  We didn't get to stay long as Jake was not willing to be super cooperative (imagine that!!).  It was indeed fascinating though!  There was a proposed bill that involved tax cuts they were debating, and it was very easy to see party affiliations despite not knowing any of the people.  We definitely got a chance to see some sparring between sides before Jake got too noisy & I stood up to help him settle & got called down for standing.  Oops!!  Not exactly sure why, but you're not allowed to stand at all when you come sit in on the sessions.  Nonetheless, I can add that to my list of things that I can now say I have done in my life!  Once again, lots of questions from and discussions with the kids after witnessing a few moments of "in session."  Definitely an educational sort of day!

I guess Mickey Mantle was an Okie
Politicians everywhere, we were very outnumbered
The great Teddy Roosevelt signing law making Oklahoma a state
A replica of the statue on the top of the dome
Oklahoma has been known to have a storm now and then
Love sunset paintings

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