Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

We spent a couple hours downtown touring the site of the April 1995 OKC Bombing.  There is a museum that I think would have been interesting to visit & helpful for the kids to better understand what happened, but Steve decided that he wasn't sure he wanted to pay the $44 it would have cost for our family to go.  It seems like museums of this nature shouldn't be so pricey, especially for kids, but that's just my opinion.  Fortunately, they have Park Rangers walking the grounds, so it is super duper easy to pick up Junior Ranger books as well as flag one down when you're ready for your badge, or if you just have questions about the bombing.  It was definitely sobering to see the Field of Chairs and see all the small chairs (children) and then read the names on the chairs and see that sometimes several people in the same family had died.  Seeing the Memorial Fence with information on those who died I think also helped the kids to better grasp the magnitude of what happened.  Visiting here definitely sparked some conversations with our kids.  Heavy stuff when life is so unfair...

There is a chair for each person killed
The layout is based on where they where in the building
This sign shows the photos from April 19, 1995
This is from the plaza overlooking where the building was
The memorials on each end symbolize 9:01 pre-bomb and 9:03 post-bomb.
This is the Survivor Tree.   It was damaged but lived through the blast.
The memorial wall was the saddest part of all

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