Friday, March 2, 2012

Catching up with our former neighbors the Parrish's

Our former next door neighbors gave us a huge gift as we were moving out of our house to go on the road; they offered to store our master bedroom set, one of the few pieces of furniture that we knew we'd still need when we settle down again.  Not to mention that it holds a bit of sentimental value as the first real furniture we ever bought together after getting married!  Thanks a million, Dan & Sherri!

On our last trip through, we missed getting to visit thanks to our delightful little stomach bug, but this time, we were able to have them come over for burgers on the grill.  Steve & Dan handled the communication side of things, and when they hadn't showed up more than 30 minutes after the agreed upon time, Steve called.  Turns out, the only detail that wasn't accurately conveyed was the actual day they were to come.  Ha ha...that's okay though, because they were still able to come last minute for dinner, and we still had good times...and a good story to boot! :)  They brought their puppy Lucy, and Jake could not possibly have been more delighted!  Genna caught up on some extra snuggles and tickles, as well!  It was great to see Dan and Sherri again!

Jake loved their dog Lucy
There was lots of kissing going on
Genna is quite fond of Dan

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Anonymous said...

Great to see you Linda,Steve,girls and big Jake. Had a great time visiting and catching up on your travels. Miss you guys in the neighborhood. Be safe as you continue your journey...Dan & Sherri