Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brunch with the Dicks family


On Saturday morning, we had the opportunity to get together with an old friend and roommate of Steve's.  We enjoyed a morning of yummy food and fellowship...are you noticing a common theme with this visit??  Food and friends -- some of the best things in life, I say! :)  

It was great to see Clyde, Kendra, and the boys.   Clyde even took a vow to not cut his hair until we return to a normal life and settle down and sell the RV...just kidding!! :)

Amazing how fast these kids have grown
Smile for the camera
It was fun to catch up with the Dick's family!
After our visit with Clyde and Kendra, we did some shopping and then drove by our first house that we owned after we got married.   We lived there from 1998-2002 and made lots of memories there, but yet seeing it now it only seems vaguely familiar.   My most vivid memory is bringing Shanan home from the hospital here eleven years ago.

Our first house where we lived from April 1998 to July 2002

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