Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Science Museum of Oklahoma City

We heard great things about the Science Museum in Oklahoma City, and since we have a reciprocal museum membership that we haven't gotten quite as much use out of as we anticipated, we made plans to go!  I have to say, this is a great museum!  We arrived shortly after 9 am and we stayed till closing at 5.  One loooong day in the museum world, but everyone really had a good time.  The place was less crowded after 2 pm, but even before that, it wasn't bad.  Soooo much to see and do!  Steve had an absolute blast with the brain teasers; I thought I'd never be able to lure him away to see the rest of the museum! :)  If you're in OKC with kids, this is definitely a good use of your time and money!  As for the hungry, exhausted people by the days' end, I have to say that having the crew fed, in bed, and asleep by 8:30 p.m. is a major feat these days; today's activities made that easy to accomplish!  Score!  Loved having that bit of time to unwind and catch up on blogging without little people looking for lap space! :)

Steve worked at this puzzle for 20 minutes before he figured it out
They had a collection of really old bikes. I couldn't imagine riding this.
Jake didn't feel the need to fly a paper cup
Would you trust these two with the weather?
Interesting perspective
We really loved the Mind Games room at the museum
Is it flat or wavy?
From across the room this looks like a bike
What is wrong with the elephant?

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