Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Yaga Saga Continues


Honestly, I can't exactly remember when Genna's imaginary friend "Yaga" surfaced.  I think it happened sometime during my pregnancy with Jake, but I just can't remember exactly when.  Nonetheless, this imaginary friend thing is fascinating to me because it's new to our family.  Genna is our first to concoct one.  Oh, the stories...it's all rather amusing.  Yaga was an everyday part of our lives when we moved in to the RV and for the first several months.  She actually faded into the background over time, however, and I realized one day it had been what seemed a long time since we last heard about Yaga.  Have no fear, though, she's baaaaaack, in full force again, and she has a new friend, Ali!   Yaga, in particular, has done everything you've ever done or dreamed of doing, and she's done it better and to new extremes over, above, and beyond what you could ever do even on your best day.  She has about a million lives because she often dies when she's accomplishing one of her most spectacular feats, but she always comes to life again!  Did I mention that this is all verrrry fascinating?  Anytime there is an active discussion, be it in the truck en route to somewhere, or at the table around mealtime, Genna spontaneously concocts an unusual tale of the goings-on of both Yaga and now Ali.  Her very concrete older sisters often have trouble letting her go on these little rabbit trails, but alas, I think it is her way of both passing the time (long drives in the truck) and contributing to and making conversation.  I know this stage won't last forever, so I'm choosing to embrace it and be immensely amused by these antics. :)

She woke up and immediately came out and started drawing.
Little cowgirl

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