Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visiting the Bradfords

We're back in our old "hometown" again, this time primarily for Steve to get his dental work (crown) taken care of, spent a little time "in the office" working on a project for work, and of course, catch up with friends and family.  We included a dreaded visit to storage...seriously, I hate going to storage and seeing if we can possibly squeeze in any more items we "may" need or want later, while simultaneously trying to prevent anything from accidentally falling out.  It's really not fun...but what IS fun is that my sister lives not so terribly far from storage, so we can always combine a trip to storage with a visit to her place!  The cousins had a blast playing together all afternoon, and my sister cooked a yummy homemade dinner with fresh, homemade bread that we all enjoyed!  The night ended with watching Monster Truck videos on the computer and little gifts for the girls.  My kids were delighted...gifts don't come so often these days!  Great times indeed!

This was right before we ordered them outside since the weather was so nice!
Alahni watching over her cousin Jake
Nothing like a rousing game of 'Attack Uncle Steve'
You don't mind if I just grab your hair...
Genna is not one to miss out on getting snuggles.
Kisses for Aunt Wanda
Thavyn and Genna are just two months apart in age...and they both have a "finger thing"

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