Thursday, April 19, 2012

William Howard Taft Historic Site

Not one to pass up an opportunity for more Junior Ranger badges, we decided to visit the William Howard Taft Historic Site.  They had a great little video that told about the many hats this former president wore in his lifetime.  He was clearly a very bright and talented man, the only man in history to have served as both president and chief justice of the Supreme Court!  After watching the video, we went on a tour of his childhood home.  I have to admit that the tour was just so-so.  We were the only ones on the tour, and while the ranger was nice, his dialogue was very scripted and way too fast to really grasp what he was telling us.  Still, it was a good history lesson for the day!   
Taft was hand picked to be Teddy Roosevelt's successor.   They later had a big falling out.

Taft was our president from 1908-1912.  Teddy Roosevelt decided not to run for re-election in 1908 and instead backed his great friend, William Howard Taft.  Ironically, Roosevelt was not delighted with his choice once Taft actually became president and later ran against him when Taft ran for re-election.  This split the Republican vote and resulted in Woodrow Wilson winning the presidency.  Steve loves history, but yet he knew very little to nothing about President Taft, despite the fact that Taft ran against his distant relative, William Jennings Bryan, one of the main lawyers in the Snopes Trial. Taft's wife is credited with planting the first of the famous cherry trees in Washington, DC.   

Front entrance
The families piano.   Mrs. Taft used it to teach piano lessons.   
This is the desk he used in his law office.
Another Junior Ranger badge
Afterwards, upon an old camp friend from Cincinnati's recommendation, we went to La Rosa's for lunch.  The pizza and calzone both were yummy.  For some reason, Jake was only interested in the kitchen chips, but hey, he still ate and behaved himself reasonably well, so I'll call it a success! :)  

Thanks to my friend Andrew Butz for the suggestion to visit LaRosa's pizza.

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