Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mount Nebo State Park

There was no way we could camp on Mount Nebo as trailers over 24 feet are prohibited.  Having made the trek up the mountain sans trailer, I can honestly say that I wouldn't even want to bring a trailer 24 feet or shorter!  Wow!!!  We have an awesome truck, but those switchbacks with an 18% grade are nothing to sneeze at!  The campground at the top was completely empty!  I think if I returned here for camping it would likely be tent camping.

Bench Overlook

The view from Mount Nebo is pretty awesome on a clear day.  We hiked the 3-1/2 mile Rim Trail that supposedly should take approximately two hours according to the hiking guide.  Ummm...we're usually pretty spot on with hiking estimates with our motley crew, but we were way off!  It started to feel like the hike that never ends! We did take the strenuous side trail to the very unimpressive Nebo Springs...totally not worth the time or effort it took to hike down & back up for it!  The views are indeed nice, and the wildflowers and butterflies were beautiful, though not as plentiful as on Mount Magazine.  If you are in a hurry or just not in the mood for hiking, you can just drive to the lookout points without losing much of the experience of Mount Nebo.  There were several nice playgrounds, and we of course had to visit one!  Poor Jake ran a fever all day, but even so, he was unable to resist the lure of the playground!

We hiked down to this spring and it was totally NOT worth the effort.
We had views like this along the rim trail
Some of us (Dad) enjoyed the view better than others (everyone else)
Tree made for sitting

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