Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trout fishing right at our campsite

Our campsite in Natural Bridge backed up to a nice little creek.  We discovered there were plenty of trout swimming around in it, so Shanan & Steve took advantage of it and went fishing.  They did pretty well!  They both caught rainbow trout, and some were big enough to keep and eat!  I have to say I was one proud mama to see my girl clean those fish!  Seriously, she is the kid that prefers her chicken off the bone and is bothered if she has to remove any skin &/or fat herself.  She was determined though, and she did a great job!  The fish were phenomenal!  The first night I just pan sauteed them in a little butter, and the second night I grilled them.  Soo yummy!  Thanks Shanan & Steve!

This little guy is the first fish Shanan caught with her new fishing pole.
This trout was the first one we kept and ate.
Shanan was determined to learn to cut up fish.  Note the 'Fishing for Dummies' manual on the right side of the pic.
We were so proud of her for pushing through and cutting up all the fish we caught.

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