Monday, April 23, 2012

Kentucky's Red River Gorge

We discovered that the Red River Gorge area is an even bigger area to explore than Natural Bridge State Resort Park.  When the water level is high enough (& it wasn't), this area is a kayaker's/canoeists delight!  The area is so beautiful though.  I love how lush & green the forest is.  It was perfect hiking weather, even though the mornings started out cool.  We spent parts of several days exploring the area and checking out a few hiking trails and overlooks.  There were notices posted about how many fatalities and serious injuries have occurred here over the years from people falling off the cliffs.  It sure made me hold on tight to the hands of my little people, but the views were great!    

This tunnel was built by hand in 1910.   Needless to say we did not drive the rig through it :)
The kids got to try a real weaving loom in the Natl. Forest Visitor Center.
This is Sky Bridge.   This is the largest Natural Bridge in the area.
Shanan posing at the Angel Windows
Steve at the Chimney Top overlook
The view was spectacular from the overlook!
One of the park rangers told Steve about Rock Bridge Arch and said it was his favorite hike.  We saved this one for last, and we definitely enjoyed it.  It was an easy trail, super peaceful and so green.  The pictures don't really do it justice.  It really was beautiful, and it was the only bridge that was technically a bridge, with water flowing beneath it!
Nice little waterfall along the trail just before the bridge.
Very cool reflection under the bridge.

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Jake said...

Hey Steve - these pictures are great! Thanks for sharing this with me! I hope to take our kids there some day, too.