Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meeting other full timers the Henson's

Steve used Passport America for our stay at this nice little RV park, Creekwood Farm, near Cataloochee in the Smoky Mountains.  Our site was kind of diagonal from another rig that had a small pink bike that Genna instantly spotted.  She was speculating on what kind of small child/new friend might be living there!  Steve was convinced that surely it was a grandchild staying with grandparents for some reason, but alas, he was wrong!  Genna took Alyssa with her to go meet the little girl that had the small pink bike, and lo and behold, we discovered another full-timing family, the Hensons!

Kylee and Genna had lots of fun wrestling.
The girls enjoying the Henson's comfy chairs, the same type their dad said he would buy but never did.
The Hensons are the first full-time family we've met on the road that we didn't "plan" to meet.  I think we thought we might naturally run into more families than we have.  And I have to say, having been out of our house for nearly a year, the sense of community is definitely the biggest thing I've missed.  I love the way that there is an instant sense of community when we meet other full-timers; there's an instant connection even though we've just met because we share common experiences in spite of not knowing each other.

Thai pizza and Thai curry
Our girls and Kylee had fun playing together, Jake was delighted with trying to swipe Kylee's toys (she wasn't though!), and Kyle, Lisa, Steve & I had the chance to indulge in adult conversation.  We shared dinner (Kyle's yummy Thai pizza and my chicken curry) and a late night around a campfire.  Good times!!  Sooo glad we met you guys!  We're looking forward to catching up again at the Full-time Families Rally in Pennsylvania in June!

Good times had by all.
We even ran into them again at the Deep Creek area of Smoky Mtn Natl Park after we left Maggie Valley.

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