Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kentucky Horse Park

Alas, we couldn't handpick the weather.  Bummer!  While we spent all our time indoors in Cincy, the sun was shining, but our main day at the Kentucky Horse Park was rainy and cold!  We camped in the campground in the primitive electric section.  We originally planned to stay in the fully primitive section (no water or electric), but it was just a bunch of RVs packed in like sardines in a field and really didn't look appealing.  We were one of only a few rigs in the electric only section, so it seemed nicer.  Plus, with the 50 degree day, it was nice to use our electric heaters instead of burning through our propane.

Memorial to Secretariat
This is 'Cigar' the winner of the 2003 Kentucky Derby
The Kentucky Horse Park itself is a pretty full day.  Our favorite thing was probably watching the Horses of the World show; the guy from Australia was pretty amazing.  The girls also loved the "Groom & Shine" chance to actually groom a horse.  We ran out of time at the museum at the end though.  It would have been nice if we had been told that there was a kids' section near the exit. The girls were loving the Discovery Oasis interactive stations in the Arabian Horse Gallery section & were on the final two stations when they turned the computers off and kicked us out. Although we were uncertain about how the day would turn out when the weather was so cold and dreary, we ended up having a good time spite of the fact that we really aren't horse people.

The grooming lesson was a lot of fun.

These two put on quite the show
This show was the best horse show I ever saw!
He rode around standing up with a foot on each for several laps around the track.  Amazing!
Here is a short clip of Dan in action

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