Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lousy Laundromats & Divine Appointments

I have to say, laundromats have really done nothing to enhance my feelings for laundry.  When Steve asked for laundromat recommendations in Russellville, the response  was Janie's Kwik Way Coin Laundry.  My first attempt was a resounding Fail, as they close at 8 pm.  Seriously??  Guess we’re officially city folk ‘cause it never crossed my mind it would close that early!!  Can I tell you how much I loved coming back home to unload the still-dirty laundry & reload it into the RV…and re-make my bed with our still-dirty sheets….yeah, we just have one set.

Laundry take two…the big girls and I take off during the appropriate hours. I wasn’t delighted with the selection of washers or the prices, but alas, it had to be done!  Normally, I can do our wash for $12-$15, sometimes as low as $10.  Here, it cost over $20…not loving this place!  To make matters worse, when one of the dryers was clearly not heating properly at all,  the customer service was entirely lacking.  Yep, her words were, “See, look in there (mind you, on my tippy toes, I could barely see); it’s orange.  If it fires up, there’s nothing I can do!”  And she just walked away.  This place had no Google reviews, but there will be now, for sure! 

My goal was to finish the laundry as quickly as possible & get out.  The one redeeming quality about the joint was the collection of cooking magazines the girls were scouring for recipes.  Meanwhile, I see an older gentleman place his laundry in the very same dryer I determined wasn't working.  Although I warned him, he gave it a whirl anyways.  His luck was no better than mine, so he, too, spoke to the attendant.  She gave him the same exact pat answer she gave me. Seriously, two consecutive customers log the same exact complaint on the same exact dryer, and she does nothing.  No out-of-order sign, no apologies to the customer, and no refunds!  I spoke with the gentleman afterwards about her lack of concern, and he commented that the dryers are worse than slot machines!!  A few minutes later, she returns & without speaking to him, she removes his jeans from the dryer and places them in another dryer.  Then she turns and asks him how much money he has put in.  He doesn’t know, but I am pretty sure he’s paid for three cycles at least & offer my input.  Yeah, she ignores me, but you probably knew that already. ;)

Sooo…at this point, this gentleman & I have bonded over poor customer service, and a conversation ensues.  Mr. “Dub” Hill is a widower who lost his “babydoll” about a year ago and since then, just can’t stay in one place. “I know it’s kinda silly, but I just drive.”  He admonished me, “If you love one another, treat each other well!”  Good advice, I say!  He was full of questions about my family as he was intrigued by the large quantity of laundry I was working on and my two big girl helpers.  “It’s awfully uncommon, ma’am, but you look like you’re 15!”  He was super flattering, in a very sincere kind of way.  He was just speaking from the heart, and it was awfully sweet.   He talked about becoming a Christian at age 45, and he seemed to hold some regrets for life lived before that.  He was curious about my family of origin, and whether they are Christians.  His summation, “You have the perfect family!”  Ha, ha…it’s all about perspective, isn’t it??  Truthfully though, I am indeed blessed to come from a family of believers and have the ability to pass that legacy on to my own children!  He was full of praise and encouragement for both my husband and for me and the job I’m doing raising my family.  On the one hand I was highly amused, as he clearly didn’t know me, but at the same time, it was like it was meant just for me.

Honestly, I detested this laundromat, but I’m sooo glad we did our laundry here when we did.  It just seemed like it was a divine appointment, and I think we both benefitted.  He was lonely and appreciated the chance to chat, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I met someone with such genuine, heartfelt interest in my life and my salvation.  It was one of those “warm fuzzy” kind of experiences.  I’m looking forward to the time when we meet again, Mr. Dub, and in the meantime, I’m praying for peace for you as you wait for the chance to meet your Lord & Savior and reunite with your “babydoll.”  You made my day!  

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