Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cincinnati Art Museum

This free city art museum had absolutely stellar reviews, so we just had to go, in spite of beautiful weather that was calling us to play outdoors.  The big girls enjoyed completing the museum treasure hunt for various pieces of art.  They even earned a little prize for doing so, and the staff was nice enough to offer one to the little ones, as well.  All in all, the staff here was better than average for an art museum. The guards volunteered their assistance for locating items on the treasure hunt and were generally pleasant.  They did, however, chastise Steve for sitting on the steps while waiting for the girls to come out of the restroom, and they wouldn't let him carry Jake on his shoulders.  They said it was "for your safety and for the safety of the art," ironic since it was for the safety of the art that we put him on his shoulders out of its reach in the first place!  Ha, ha!  All in all, this was a great art museum and worth your time if you're in the area and have any fondness for art.

I didn't care for these hideous costumes located throughout. I thought they were a distraction.  Genna was convinced they were for playing with.  
I honestly have trouble deciding whether this Picasso belongs hortizontal or vertical.
I really like this nearly 500 year old painting of a German knight.
Andy Warhol, who died my senior year in high school.

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