Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Not a good way to be. More importantly, not a good way to feel! Our move on Father's Day was a rather chaotic one. The day was packed fuller than it should have been, and even though we were moving to a back-in site with no real obstacles, we somehow made it harder than it had to be. It was so hot and so windy, and try as I might to help Steve back into the site, it just wasn't working all that well. To compound matters, the couple that agreed to buy our Traverse was coming to pick it up, so we really needed to be in the site & somewhat settled to smooth that transition. Ultimately, it took so long that a lady stopped to talk to Alyssa & Jake about where her parents were (she was sitting in the Traverse in the shade with the windows down right in front of the bathhouse, a short distance from and in clear view of us attempting to park). We had some issues with the water & electrical hookup being at the very rear of the site; our water hookup is near the very front of the RV, so we had to back way far in so the hose would reach. Finally, Steve declared the job done right as the couple came for the Traverse. The RV was tilted, but Steve was sure it wasn't so bad.

We went out for the evening, came back, worked on the blog, and went to bed. When I climbed in bed, I noticed that we were really unlevel because I normally can't feel it in bed, but this time, it was noticeable, for sure! Monday morning, Steve left for work, my neighbor from our old house came for a visit, and I was bothered by the tilt in the main part of the RV, particularly. After she left, I worked in the kitchen to get lunch ready & put lasagna in the crockpot for dinner. I had to be especially careful that things didn't tumble out of the fridge, the cabinets, or off the counters. By the end of that, I had a nasty headache & my tummy was upset! And I was trying to find a way to sweet talk Steve into working on getting things more level since we are here all week! I got the kids out of the house & we went for a walk. It took about an hour before my head and stomach stopped hurting! And I vowed I would not return to the indoors until Steve came home from work. It was hot & super-duper windy outside, but that was preferable to feeling like I just walked out of one of those tilted houses at an amusement park.

Sure enough, Steve was more than delighted to hear my dissatisfaction with the tilt of the RV, NOT!! Annoyed doesn't cover that, and he was convinced I was making mountains out of molehills. Nonetheless, after actually going into the RV, he was forced to admit that it was making him feel a bit nauseous, as well, and thus, I managed to convince him we had no other real choice except to move the RV over on the site, like it or not. And you know what, he did it, in short order! And he learned from those older & wiser & more experienced than him that the place to check for levelness is right over the axle. Hallelujah! Sweet Success! And I discovered that the real reason I usually get a headache on moving day has little to do with the stress involved & everything to do with the fact that Steve typically removes the stabilizers & throws the balance off in the RV while I am still cleaning the indoors to prepare to slide. Important lessons learned!! 


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

New things to learn, huh? You wouldn't think a tilt would make such a difference until you think about everything sliding all over the place!

In His Grip said...

Great to read your whole blog. Can't wait to read/hear more. Have fun!

Jenny said...

You gotta post photos of your RV! I want to see what it looks like inside and out. (I'm a visual learner)