Monday, June 6, 2011

I Miss High-Speed Internet

Enough said, right? Steve has the cool EVO phone with all the bells and whistles, so he always has internet at his fingertips. I actually have internet on my phone, but it is a base model, and the effort it takes to get to a website is absolutely not worth it. In fact, assuming I'm actually able to pull up a website before there is another crisis that I must attend to, chances are good that I actually can't read it on my phone. I am realizing how many recipes I pulled up online, all the time, every day. I miss email. Sometimes, I just don't want to make a phone call; I just want to send an email. And sometimes texting is an acceptable substitute, but sometimes it isn't. I just plain miss internet at my fingertips. I knew I was dependent on it, but I didn't realize just how dependent I had become. I will live, for sure, but some things are just so much harder without it. Answering Alyssa's one million and one random questions, for one, figuring out what to make for dinner, printing coupons, getting directions, finding out if there is any wickedly evil weather headed our way....yeah, I'll stop now. ;)

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