Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving Day Adventures Continue

Hickory Creek, Site 37

Maybe one day Steve won’t need naps when we move. ;) I know it is stressful, really I do. We moved from Lewisville Lake Park, site 25, back to Hickory Creek today. The day went something like this: breakfast, clean up to prepare to move, and then to church for the 9:30 service, followed by a baptism information class for Alyssa at 11:00, pick up Subway with a whoooole lot of whine from Genna for lunch, rush to take off by checkout time at 1:00, then off to Hickory Creek only to be told, “Your site is occupied, and they have until 3:00 to be out. I’m going to have to ask you to turn around & leave.” What??!? I admit that I wasn't thrilled. I texted Steve to tell him we had nowhere to go. We ended up at Walmart…not my favorite place, especially on a weekend afternoon. Nonetheless, we did need to go shopping for things to eat, so it wasn't wasted time, and when we returned to check in, it went according to plan.

We had a back in site again, and although they don’t stress Steve out as badly as they did at first, they still get to him. While I was trying to direct him in, my flip flops broke, so I got to hop around on scorching hot pavement in just my bare feet. Not only that, but a police officer & another truck were waiting for us to get into our site, so they could get past, so that compounded the pressure, for sure. Soooo…now we have a forty-one year old, an almost three year-old (birthday this week!), a five month old, and a dog ALL napping in the master bed at 5:53 p.m. Not the best time for naps, I think, but it is what it is, and it is peaceful, so I’m not complaining. I am also delighted that we have a 50 amp site again, which means we can run two air conditioners at once. Plus, we have shade! I actually managed to summon up the gumption to cook dinner without excessive irritability. In fact, even though it is a haul to the bathhouse, I really don’t care! Something about being so hot (the car is already registering over 100 degrees & June has just begun) & having to feed a whole lot of people just gets to me. It is definitely getting close to time to head to more moderate temps, where I can hold aforementioned hot, sticky, sour milk-scented babe in my arms and actually enjoy it!

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