Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Attempts to Use Our Reciprocal Museum Membership

Lewisville Lake Park,
Site 25 -- great site unless it is going to be blazing hot

Steve decided today would be a great day to spend indoors at the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History  and make use of our newly purchased membership to the reciprocal program for museums, zoos, etc. In short, make sure you read the fine print carefully because museums are always happy to sell you a membership but they are fastidious about making sure they are not missing another opportunity to make you purchase tickets despite your membership. Steve spent a lot of time on the phone and the internet, and we determined we would not be allowed in because our drivers’ licenses still have our old address on them, which is within 90 miles of the museum we wanted to visit, though far away from the home museum we bought the membership through. Now, to be fair, we did finally get a phone call telling us that they would honor it, but that was hours after our initial call & too late for us to go that day. Instead, we went to buy a bike helmet and tennis shoes for the eight year-old that has been growing & growing & had outgrown both of those things. Bike helmet=easy…tennis shoes=slow form of torture. Not sure how many shoes she tried on, and Steve lost patience early in the game, so I took over while he kept track of the other three. I was nearly ready to give up, when we finally found a pair that she said fit well and were comfortable! I bet it was at least 15 pairs, and she did point out that we had never had to buy her a brand new pair of shoes before because she had always gotten hand-me-downs from her big sister. There were none to pass on this time…so we had to do the hard work, but we survived! The reward for all that was a trip to the dollar theater to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.

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