Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Visiting the Ramsey's - last stop before Salt Lake

We had one final stop before the final drive to Salt Lake City.  We decided to stop and see our friends in Casper, Wyoming, the Ramsey's.  The girls remembered each other from our visit last year, so they wasted no time in getting down to the business of playing!   We had a fun evening of visiting and eating.  And, we scored quite a few things to make biking as a family possible once we get to Utah!  Plus, Genna got a scooter, they all got to pick a Barbie from Erin & Elise's collection, and Jake scored a "bike" that sings that he & Genna looooove.  Lana also gave some toys for the road that were awesome to help keep the little ones distracted for the last biiiiig drive.  Oh...so ready to be done with endless days in the truck.  Not sure we're ready to totally park it, but definitely ready to not be driving so much!

Alyssa of course had to show off, while Erin recited lines from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory play she starred in.
It was really nice that the kids all knew each other already.
Bedtime story time.
After leaving Casper, we stopped at the famous Oregon Trail landmark, Independence Rock.
The rock is so named because Oregon Trail pioneers arrived here near Independence Day.  The rock has names carved in it that date back to 160 years ago.
It's a pretty steep climb up, so the wiser choice in footwear is definitely tennis shoes...pay no attention to the lady wearing flip flops, toting the baby. ;)

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