Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our unintentional 7 state travel day

We left Bar Harbor, Maine and headed south.  After leaving Bar Harbor, Steve was looking for a convenient place to pull over for another lobster roll and maybe blueberry pie.  We did find a place for lobster and crab rolls (okay but not as good as the first one we had) and some super yummy haddock chowdah...and in the parking lot, Steve negotiated the terms of the offer for Salt Lake City and accepted!  Momentous we know for sure our "final destination" for this adventure.  Somehow we missed getting a picture of the joint where all this went down.  We must be getting lax!

We continued south to Biddeford, Maine to overnight at a Walmart there.  By the way, this is a totally awesome Walmart to overnight at---sooo friendly to RVers that there was a picnic table on the outskirts of the parking lot, and we were told it was okay to stay a few days if needed.  Needless to say, we leveled and slid out here, definitely makes Walmart stays not just tolerable but comfortable!

We left Maine expecting to drive to Sturbridge, Massachussetts, stay at a Thousand Trails park there for a night or two, then drive the remainder of the way back to Pennsylvania to stay with Steve's family again.  It sounded like a reasonable option.  There were some warnings that it might not be a grand plan, however.  Margie McCloskey & Kimberly Travaglino did their best to dissuade Steve from staying there, but it was soooo conveniently located along our path, that he just didn't think it could be that bad.  They were right...he was wrong.  Sites packed in like sardines, crowded (only 4 sites open & 1 of those was handicapped and we weren't allowed to use it), smelly everywhere, and staff.that wasn't very helpful (tried to tell us to park next to the power poles which isn't an option considering our double slides in the back).  Sooo...we discussed what to do and decided to leave and press on.....

I don't think I was expecting him to drive the whole way to his parent's house...driving through 7 states...I was kind of thinking we'd overnight at a Walmart and then arrive in the morning, refreshed.  Hehe...not so much.  We skated in just before sunset, and Steve was exhausted from the drive.  He attempted to back the rig and get it parked, so we wouldn't block their driveway....but in the dark, all he managed to accomplish was being unable to move forwards...or backwards.  Quite a dilemma, really, and one that he's not been in before, thus far!  And somewhere in the middle of all that, his parents' power went out.  Sooo....we went to bed, and decided to worry about it in the morning.  Fortunately, in the light of day, we were able to see well enough to remove a few more items from in front of the truck, enough that he could unhitch, then change his approach and rehitch from a different angle.  Success!!!  Whew!!  That was a better option than having to work on stump removal. ;)  His parking woes weren't exactly over at this point, but he did eventually get the job done such that we could slide.  Sooo...success was achieved eventually. :)  Thank goodness not every parking job is so complicated!!

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